Programmes / Diploma /One Year Programmes

The Interior Design Professional Diploma (IDPD) is conceptualized as a professional course at the National College of Arts, Lahore for individuals aiming for comprehensive understanding of technical, functional,and representational aspects of professional practice in the area of interior design. This 1-Year course familiarizes students with the tools, techniques, and processes to understand varied issues of a particular interior design projects, resolve the issues through functional and schematic development, prepare working and technical drawings and finally monitor execution. Given the constraint of one academic year, the scope of this diploma covers the more pragmatic concerns of design, although conceptual and philosophical development and discussion is encouraged, we encourage research through reference books, meeting related professionals,and visiting sites. Moreover these aspects are also made part of the assignments.

Furniture design is a specialized field where form and function combine to provide unique design solutions that transform the spaces around us. Furniture then, is one of the most important aspects of an interior space. It not only contributes to the functionality of a space but also adds style and personality.

Sculpture is an artistic practice that involves the creation of a three-dimensional object be it in clay, wood, plastic, marble or any other material. The nature of the transformation of an interesting form or a recognizable object and how its presence extends into space and its environment is what determines the success of a sculptural form.

Painting is the act of using a certain medium to express form,value and various other ideas on a two dimensional surface. The expression and aesthetics vary; the medium and quality of mark making often determines the outcome, but as a whole, the infintte possibilities of painting have fascinated artists for centuries and it is through this experimentation with form, colour and medium that creative indtviduals have, in the history of art, sought to push the boundaries of what it means to paint and create a painting as a work of art.