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PGD Visual Art
Postgraduate Diploma in Visual Art

The Post Graduate Diploma is a one year diploma that proposes to emphasise the development of intellectual growth and critical discourse in an art practice. The PGD is a qualification enabling students to specialise at an advanced level in areas not included in their Bachelor's degree. It may be used as a transitional qualification providing a pathway. The programme provides a bridge to the students who wish to pursue for the Masters studies but lack the familiarity with visual infrastructure. The one year diploma offers the opportunity to understand various disciplines within art practice for students to make continuous link areas not only between art theory and art practice but also between the historical and the contemporary. The Programme has therefore been structured to help students to locate themselves and their work within a local and a global context.

The Postgraduate Diploma in Visual Art requires two semesters of full-time. The students of post graduate diploma programme will read the same course as the MA (Hons.) Visual Art Year I students but will not prepare for the extended essay and the Degree Show. The Post Graduate Diploma Course in Visual Art will finish at the end of the Year I. Students of MA (Hons.) Visual Art who lack to meet a certain criteria of the program by the end of Year I, will be awarded the PGD.

Eligibility Criteria

Applicants with minimum 16 years of education or equivalent qualification in the relevant field of Visual Arts i.e. Fine Art, Design, Architecture, Film, Theatre etc. are eligible to apply. No age Limit.

Academic Calendar

Two terms of 16 weeks each over one academic year.

Course Duration

One Year

Course Structure

* 2-Terms
* Days/week Monday - Friday


Studios open from 8:00 I 8:30 a.m. - 8:00 I 8:30 p.m.

Language Requirements

At the initial interview students who are gauged as having an inadequate command of the English language will be required to start attending a recommended English course.
Core Courses

1.  Art Theory and Criticism             10 points (5%)
2.  Third Space Seminar                    10 points (5%)
3.  Optional Course                           10 points (5%)
4.  South Asian Seminar                   10 points (5%)
5.  Art Practice                                   60 points (30%)
                                                             Total: 100 points (50%)