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Spring Festival

Pakistan is a culturally rich country. The people celebrate various natural, religious, national, and other events round-the-year. The most awaited festival is spring which brings back blooming flowers, green fields, and positive energy. In this regard, the students of National College of Arts Rawalpindi campus organized Spring Festival on 21st March 2023 . A crowd of students from all departments of the campus participated in the festival. The event was meant to celebrate the beautiful season of spring and to give the of students of NCA Rawalpindi campus a much-needed break from their hectic academic routines.

Further, the College students aesthetically decorated the college. The Spring Festival was a perfect combination of a variety of activities. Green, red, white dominated the celebration with many students adorning cultural dresses with vibrant embroideries. The best of the fun, entertainment, food and various festivities let a crowd of enthusiastic students immersed in the local culture and vibe and spent their whole day in celebration and delight.