Cultural Mapping

CCHC&M and the Chair offer a research-intensive module to undergraduate and MPhil students in Cultural Mapping in collaboration with the Lahore Museum, and walled City of Lahore. The cultural mapping module aims to put together a professional team which will map the cultural heritage of Lahore over time and develop interpretation material for use by the museum and cultural heritage professionals.

1. Lahore Museum Interpretation Project - Making of Heritage and culture Encyclopedia The Department of Cultural Studies and the UNESCO Chair initiated research projects about the artifacts and objects on display in Lahore Museum in 2014. Through the course of the project students developed an understanding of the historical development of South Asian art by exploring techniques of visual, stylistic and iconographical analysis. For the practical component of the project students were encouraged to use their learnings and research to design educational products on selected artifacts. The educational interactive kits were used as interactive activities for children of various age groups to enhance their understanding of history and heritage. In the last four years 2016-2020, a repository of craft and tangible heritage has been developed through students’ research work in the undergraduate program. Students are now focusing on collecting oral histories of their selected places.