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Hostel Accommodation

The College provides adequate accommodation to regular full-time students who are non-residents of Rawalpindi and Islamabad. To ensure a place, applications for admission to the college hostels should be made at the beginning of each academic session. However, Rawalpindi is a university town and the immediate area houses hundreds of students from a number of universities and colleges. It is relatively easy for the male students to find suitable accommodation close to the campus.

The Men’s Hostel

The men’s hostel is housed in a spacious building in the Rawalpindi city.It can accommodate 32 students in 16 double bedrooms and includes a covered space for work and leisure, a common room, a dining room and a kitchen. Subject to availability of space, single room occupancy can be granted to final year (thesis) and international students.
A hostel superintendent is in charge of the hostel establishment comprising of a cook, a peon, a sweeper and security gaurds.

The Women’s Hostel

The women’s hostel is located in the campus. The women’s hostel comprises dormitory accommodation, a common room, a dining room and space for indoor sports. A resident warden is in-charge of the facility.