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Extra-curricular activities and annual events are organized by the College's student run societies and clubs. These activities form a major part of the cultural and social life of the College. The NCA's theatre societies participate in various National theatre festivals organized by LUMS, GIKI, Rafi Peer Theatre workshop, Government College etc.

Introductory workshops are held at the beginning of the academic year so that the incoming batch of students may join the clubs and societies of their choice. The members of these societies are trained in basic acting and vocal skills along with other theatre techniques during workshops. Each society is headed by a "Director" and has a member of the faculty as its Patron.

Skits Society

The Skits Society is responsible for the most awaited performance at the summer and winter festivals. The skit performers learn to keep a keen eye on College activities and individuals with caricature potential. The result is the equivalent of a farcical gossip column reporting on the goings on in the College.

FretBoard Friction (Music Society)

This society’s humble beginnings began with three of our first batch of graduated architects and have grown into the society that all the students admire and love. The society arranges concerts several times a year. Members of this society also sing and play instruments in both western and eastern musical traditions. The students of this society also compose and write their own songs.

Dance Society

The society uses dance as a medium of artistic expression. A variety of dance styles such as Kathak, Luddi, Modern Dance and Flamenco are used by the society. Their performances are synchronized and entertaining.

The Theatre Society

The theatre society adopts an experimental style. One of the objectives of the society is to travel and perform in Rawalpindi as well as in other cities around the country. This society also invites people in the performing arts to conduct theatre workshops at the college.

Eastern Music Society

Members of the Eastern Music Society play Eastern classical and folk instruments as well as Western instruments used in contemporary Eastern music. The performances range from Eastern classical and Folk music from various parts of the Country to film and Pakistani pop.

Draamay Baaz Society