Hostel facility is available at NCA-Lahore only.
1. Hostel rooms shall be allocated on a first come first served basis to students from other provinces and cities.
2. To apply, students may download Hostel Accommodation Request Form from the NCA official website. Submit duly filled form in the account section to pay the hostel accommodation fee. After clearance of dues, students will contact the hostel superintendent.
3. It is the responsibility of the boarder to read the terms and conditions of hostel accommodation and strictly comply with them.
4. Hostel room shall be allotted for a semester ONLY.
5. All boarders shall vacate the hostel room along with their belongings on the last day of semester closing and hand over the key to the Hostel superintendent before leaving for home.  Non-compliance shall lead to force opening of the locks and college shall not be held responsible for any loss of the belongings left inside the room. 


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